The First Presidential Debate Summed Up; Stupidity

(Vice President telling President Trump that his son is not a loser.)

Missed the debate? No biggie. 95% of it was the two candidates talking over each other. The other 5% was pure entertainment and covered nearly no issues.

First question was discussing the mail in votes. Joe Biden for the mail in votes speaks directly to the camera when he states that our votes do matter, and if we do not vote, we will not be supporting fixing the crisis of America. He makes it clear that our country is in no shape to have Trump continue to run it.

I don’t know what kind of information Mr. Trump gets about his own ruling. He states that he has done excellent as president. He states the unemployment rates were at their all time low, which they were, before March 13th 2020. He fights the mail in ballots saying there were tons of ballots thrown out in the last election with him nominated. He said the only ballots we should fill out are the ones that come directly to us from the Trump supporting party, and to be delivered exactly back to those people. A bit sketchy if you ask me. In fact, it seems like both of them were a bit sketchy.

With the issue of the ballots going absolutely no where the two candidates explained their “plans” to fix the climate impact on our forests and on earth. This is where Biden kicks it up a notch giving such a comprehensive plan on how much and when the elimination of green house gases will happen. He makes it clear that the time to stop global warming is yesterday and we must act now. His plan incorporates adding millions of additional jobs and raising our minimum wage. Dismissing the $15.00hr minimum wage as pathetic.. saying the rich are getting richer and we need to make a difference.

Trump who doesn’t believe in science counter argues that he wants to hire more forest patrols since it’s not the climate causing the fires, but it’s the “weak” trees. He states, “You could throw a cigarette down and the whole forest would go up.” He plans on spending billions and billions of dollars getting more forest patrol in, getting rid of those weak trees, and planting more trees. (Right, he clearly didn’t plan his answer to this one.)

Donald Trump was very focused on pointing out all the great things he’s done not acknowledging the millions of broke, unemployed, Americans. He doesn’t mention that he played a big part in this recession by not taking the necessary actions needed to avoid this catastrophe. Biden points out that he should have done something when he was warned about this happening last year.

Again, Trump just states how…I don’t even know, I think he was just lying and lying towards the end. Claiming Biden and Obama left the White House in shambles with 128 seats to be filled. Is this true? I can’t be bothered to fact check.

The host, very angry, finally ended the debate and no real progress was made on trumps end. Biden’s supporting plan to eliminate global warming, eliminate pollution and save the forests, and ultimately the world by 2035 might have been very convincing for those skeptical of him. He states if he wins he will care for not just the left wingers but the liberals and republicans as well. His “join together” plan actually seemed refreshing. You can’t cannot employ millions of people if your only plan is to hire more forest patrol. Global warming is a fact and science is real.

Remaining as unbiased as I can (which I don’t contain well) I would say the debate was just as we thought it would be.


It’s nonsense really. In that hour nothing of immediate importance was addressed. Also it doesn’t answer my questions about where the stimulus checks are, or how we’re going to rebuild America after covid/looting/black lives matter movement. In fact the movement, the looting, and the fact that the country is in poor condition really wasn’t discussed.


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