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  • This is why you’re unhappy: read at your own risk

    Learning; Not An Optional Hobby “I am terrified of humans that don’t read” -piper artificial intelligence Whenever I feel I have something very eye-opening to say, I like to put a disclaimer because knowledge is power, and too much power at the wrong time can make your brain wacky. I know because my professor in […]

  • Once A Cheater; Twice A Cheater

    Once A Cheater; Twice A Cheater

    Coming through and looking realistically at specific loved ones is about the cooperation of enabling repeat offenders to sever their self-love, giving liars, cheaters, and thieves chances.

  • I’ll be back when I am creative again

    When my job hasn’t sucked my soul away, when the suicide of my best friend becomes “normalized” When a woman-dominated work field has stopped bullying me When my talent for writing gets recognized and my voice is heard. I’ll be back. I’m just not sure when.

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