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  • Faking Happy; Toxic Positivity

    Faking Happy; Toxic Positivity

    Faking positive attitudes during times of distress can cause emotional hardship for those who are suffering. Avoid noxious positivity, or faux happy people. Your healing comes with facing your problems directly.

  • Supplements; Quit Adderall

    Supplements; Quit Adderall

    When deciding you’ve had enough, quitting Adderall or its equivalent will involve you and everyone around you to show and establish the most helpful thing, a support system, to begin with, is to educate my family and me on withdrawal, Adderall’s chemical compounds, and what this stimulant medication does to my brain and body. The […]

  • after watching this, your brain will not be the same.

    after watching this, your brain will not be the same.

    Creative writing prompts. Activity, to enhance writing and showcase excellent talent. It’s also a way to get closer to your significant other, your spouse, your kids and friends. 12 minute creative literature written by Daniel McGuiness 12/18/2020

  • Why We Sleep; A Wakeup Call

    a very serious and real article on the importance of sleep, why we need it, what happens when we don’t obtain enough, and what we can do to get enough of it.