Canadian born-American citizen pissed off. Here’s just a taste of what you should know about America.

Listen to me.

How long until this article bores you and you waste your time reading a paragraph? Well stop now then, life is short. Don’t waste your seconds reading a blog that doesn’t start off AMAZING. Lucky, I’m both a lover of the arts and the sciences so maybe I can break a couple 2020 America situations down for you in a way that Americans can understand. I am Canadian-American and have lived both countries and you’re about to find out why America is actually one of the biggest problems in the universe.

“America is number one”, I saw that a lot when I first moved here. It makes no sense? I didn’t know there are world competitions. So I googled it. It’s super hard work, but I actually take the time to grab the phone that’s already in my hand!….I actually take the time (about half a second) to ask siri to find factual answers. I mean siri literally knows everything but Latin *wink*. I learn things for me, yes I know, boring right?

No. You need to listen to me.

The government did not just start lying to America they have been doing it nearly the whole damn time they’ve existed because the government isn’t backed by ANY sort of facts or science or really anyone who has a say since other countries can’t even weigh in unless it’s to go to war for us. Say there was a race of the worlds. (which there is but we will get there later assuming you can still read this much) America would never be number one….We are a melting pot of completely different human beings merged together with no universal language. Basically, yes, humans are in fact different. I have neanderthal in my genetic chromosomes. This validates the fact that the human species other wise known as Homo Sapiens are not the only species to exist, Sapiens being the subspecies of Homo the Species. Regardless of what interbred human genome issue there is we are all still the same species. We are humans. How can anyone be better than anyone without knowing how they’re going to die? Survival of the fittest. Literally.

Are you listening?

Why don’t you know anything? Because you don’t read at all. You have eyes that you use to stare at screens and you STILL don’t read. You don’t listen, you don’t pay attention, and you don’t read. You think multi-tasking is a skill and it is A BAD ONE. You weren’t raised by a country that loves you, and that’s the tragic american truth. America hates it’s citizens. You don’t lie and steal and hurt things you love. You help. You have no way of knowing this without reading a non-fiction book or living in a country that has a government that loves its people. It’s truly deception what the government does to it’s people but you’re AN AMERICAN it’s not your fault, it’s the Government of the country you live in. You, yourself, are fine. You were raised with values that honestly, were awful but you’re not awful. Re-learn things the right way. learn to love learning. Learn to love life, because this country is miserable as shit these days. What the hell is a book Ban? America, you’re being deceived WAY more then just this pandemic. It’s time to jog through your memories to see what happened and what could have alternatively happened in situations you have had with other people in the country. Im blessed to have been raised my childhood in canada and then cursed to have spent 21 years living in America with people who up until recently seriously thought this country was awesome. This is 21 years of a tiny bit of anger that I’m releasing now you have the proof that your government does in fact, hate you. Maybe my purpose is to exploit the nightmare of moving to a country which has 5% extreme wealth and about 95% of us extremely confused and poor. If I had the ability to make enough money to move out of this country, i’d be gone. I don’t even have enough money to move back to Canada! Not that I’d want to right now. Canadians already don’t like America, you should see how pissed off my 21 first cousins are. It’s humiliating to even admit that I still live here at 29. They don’t see however, the same you aren’t seeing that it’s because you’re trapped. Unless you really buckle down and decide to move away with a plan, you’ll have to go to work first to make enough to support yourself and save. Good luck.

I’m not offending you, please just listen.

In Canada I was was raised to always say please and thank you. Everyone had to have manners, I mean everyone. We didn’t have hungry kids because everyone was fed. Homeless people? I almost had a heart attack when I saw one for the first time, he was a Veteran of WAR!. Yes there are homeless people in Canada but that is something personal with that person, not because they didn’t have the proper resources to help their citizens.

Canada gives free healthcare to it’s citizens and by law writes monograph descriptions of heavy duty prescription drugs. This means an extensive, science backed, full list of absolutely everything to do with that drug. I.E. Adderall. How many people do you know on Adderall? Everyone one of my friends is on it. How rare that we all get adderall a drug not meant for anyone over the age of 23 and how rare we all happen to have ADHD. I only had to talk to my doctor and tell him I was sleepy to get it too! I know two people diagnosed with ADHD and that happens when you’re a kid. They are also the only two people I know not addicted to adderall. Canada has such strict policies for making science based written monographs because Canadians love one another. We are from all different countries, as well. There is no “Canadian” or “American” on your DNA test. Why? That’s NEW. Canada and America are a bunch of countries that either want to go to America for “freedom” or to canada to continue following under the british rule. Well, let me tell you. The president of the united states of America is a moron, he’s irrelevant and now causing dangerous dangerous issues with other countries who DO have nuclear weapons. *ahem, underwater perhapss* These are FACTS. Russia refuses to sign a nuclear agreement ammendment with us. You don’t hear about that though, you just hear about how Donald Trump eats White Castle and what he may or may not do next. He needs to stop with the addy’s. Yes i’m sure hes on adderall, his twitter is all over the bleeping place and this is a country with living species. You kind of should have your bleeping bleep together if you’re going to be the guy who runs the bleeping place…I get that years ago America and other countries allied together and WANTED to break away from the British rule. Why? The British suck! Not in the horrible people bombing way I mean they just love themselves a lot and want everyone else to love them too. My mom can verify this as she was raise in England and is English, Canadian, and American but identifies as Canadian. (Acts British however). Americans have a government that not only sucks and seems to have been engineered by someone who doesn’t make sense. The Government doesn’t even get along with themselves. What the bleep? Just remember the important thing, your country hates and and i’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the constituion is a load of all horse shit papers and the president almost seems special needs. He literally lies to his people his citizens and is saying America is number one in the world..He thinks it’s number one for ONE thing. Trading in peoples health for greedy wealth all for himself.

Listen to me!

*Thought* Why do I have to pay for prescription medications? Doctors visits? Big Pharma, Big Bucks. Why are my psychiatric appointments only 15 minnutes and why am I not forced to see a therapist along with a psychiatrist? How am I going to fix my problems with just taking medications?

If I were the president and I loved my people and I personally knew someone two “two trillion dollars” aside from hitting up the thrift store to spoil myself and then opening up the most bad ass animal shelter in the world I would literally give the money to where it belongs. I don’t need 8 mansions, I need to stay alive. That’s my goal. Live, prosper, be happy. Americans are number one in precisely two categories (this is real) 1. number of people who believe angels are real and 2. number of people incarcerated per capita. So yeah, I guess we are number one sometimes. That’s what a lie is. Twisting the truth so much it comes out as sounding sincere and pretending they’re here to help.. when it’s honestly a government of people that robs it’s citizens. If I could get rid of the government, I would. I truly would because nothing is better then this, a nation that looks like a methlab to other countries. No other countries get a say in who our president is yet we are number one? No shit, because only America is voting! If anything, the president of the united states or any country should be agreed on by at least their allies. But hey, we ask other countries to go fight our wars with us, get greedy and steal their resources, decide to just bomb and kill whomever they deem terrorists and they can’t choose our president? What? Rude.

It’s rude not to listen.

There is another key item that really ticks me off sometimes. The American flaws are almost impossible to fix without a fast intervention because of American values. Which are Greed, Money and greedy, Greedy money, and the abilty to prove you’re always right when you almost probably aren’t. Even if you are, who cares? Mostly because Americans were raised to fight people on everything instead of debate appropriately. If you don’t agree with someone the only reason you should fight is cause you’re both locked in a room with no technology. You’re not so if you don’t know something why don’t, you know, ask siri the answer? Why are you even reading something or posting something you read on the internet without seeing EXACTLY with your own eyes if it’s blog/fake news or if it’s researched back studies. Oh, you didn’t know? The government pre-packages news and sells it to local news stations. ABC? all that? yeah, garbage. You need to step outside of America for a second (preferably in real life, but in your head is okay too) and look at things with a COMPLETELY NONJUDGMENTAL POINT OF VIEW. If you saw yourself fighting with someone over what products are made in a hotdog, wouldn’t you be like..seriously? You’re probably having these fights more then you even recognize. You need to fact check EVERYTHING you have been told by the government, “authority”, and ESPECIALLY some random chick with 188k followers on instagram with no college or high school diploma. I doubt she spent hours researching her opinions, sure looks good in that victorias secret though. Good reason to believe her political standpoint! She’s hot!

How we speak to one another is critical. I can’t tell you how many dates Ive ruined from text messages. Why? You can’t see me. You can’t hear my tone of voice. You don’t get how im saying what i’m saying. Emojis hardly do me justice and they’re annoying. The only beautiful thing about texting is it gets people to read at least something before they’re eyeballs burn out from being wasted their whole lives.

if you’re bored come back and read the rest, but you should really listen to me.

I honestly have 21 years of Why? questions for America and instead of giving you all the answers to the questions i’ve researched and i’m gonna say this isn’t even 1% of the questions I’ve looked up, I’m going to give you the questions and I challenge you to find the answer yourself, stop being lazy. It’s gross and don’t even comment on anyone’s pages if you have nothing nice to say. Constructive criticism or fact check proof only. Trolls can go back to the forest that’s burning down right now. If only you used or or any online library journals you would see for a mili second how wronged you have been. If you even believe me? How do you even know everything im telling you right now about being Canadian isn’t total bullshit? Well, I didn’t pay premium for wordpress so until I do no one even gets a shot at reading this. You can buy facts apparently. Canadians don’t move to America ever, so it’s rough feeling so completely off while growing up. My friendliness got me constantly accused of alternative motives. People were freaked out if I smiled at them passing them on the street and literally I didn’t even get to hear one Canadian joke that was funny. not one. What’s in this article for me? To be the only Canadian willing to tell you how stupid you’re being when you listen to other people instead of doctors, scientists, etc. That is absolute stupidity. Go delete yourself if you spread fake news because you could be getting people killed. Better yet, find me on social media so I can add you and delete you.

Listen with your eyes or headphones, just listen to me.

Questions I Have About America- From 8years old to 30 years old- This list would literally take years to read if I wrote down more then 1% of what comes to my head when I think of what I want to ask America. This is 21 years of being isolated in a country with no other Canadians. I have a lot of time to wonder why things are as they are. Im a happy person, but you’re not. I have yet to meet a truly happy American. I have yet to meet an American that has not left the united states even to visit that is interesting. Legit, no one cares what you ate for lunch unless you’re going to feed it to them. No one cares that you figured out how to plug in your lamp, or that your neighbor saw a spider on the wall. No one cares I promise. Here you go- Double dog dare you to research the answers.

Listen to the question before researching it. Research it exactly as written not your own spin on the question. These are my questions, you can listen to me and then make your own questions later.

  1. Why is all your money the same color? It’s hard to distinguish it. I accidentally gave a five to my cab driver, not a 10.
  2. Why is the drinking age 21? In the military you only need to be 18. The drinking age in other countries is the age in which they believe the brain is fully matured ( I assume). For Canada its 19. Seems fair.
  3. Where are all the luxury homes and Veterans? If they went to the army and did all the great things you promised them, why dont I hear about these people? Whats their retirement fund like? 401K? Pension? . I guess they’re spending all their money avoiding the rest of us. Don’t blame them have you even ever thanked a veteran for not dying in a war for their country aka you. I think sacrificing your life for people you don’t know is really admirable and brave. I thank Veterans even if I don’t agree with the war.
  4. Why does everyone blame each other? I mean, sometimes admitting the truth sucks, but if you’re wrong you’re wrong. It’s so much healthier and happier to admit when you do something wrong. Why fight with anyone at all? It’s not good for you.
  5. Why don’t strangers smile at each other? Rude.
  6. Why don’t Americans say Rude? It’s too polite of a word.
  7. Why are Elementary School and Middle School different? Middle schools are the three most awful years of your life. Who knows anything from 6-8th grade but how to maybe pop a pimple. Even if you’re not bullied, middle school seems cruel and pointless it should really be pre-school junior kindergarten senior kindergarten and then grades 1-8.
  8. Why do we label everything so much? There are just too many words for simple things. Whats a freshman? sophomore? junior? senior? sounds like a ranking. Im used to grade 11, grade 12, grade 13, grade 14 and then university funded by my government.
  9. Why doesnt the government fund universities?
  10. Why did we stop learning cursive?
  11. How come we ban things that are healthy for us, such as books.
  12. Why does everyone lie? Seriously. I’ve lied, we all do- I’m horrible at it.
  13. Why do people own guns that aren’t hunting or using them as part of their career (not police officers, they shouldn’t have guns either) seems like a pretty dangerous thing to basically openly hand out to people. Specially when your president wants to get rid of Obamacare. Schizophrenics not on meds? I’ve seen one. I’ve seen one with a gun, it fell out of his pocket during an manic episode. Really feel safe here. The zombie Apocalypse will happen if you take away 20 million of your citizens HEALTHCARE. Mental health needs to be taken way more serious.
  14. Why don’t people smile more?
  15. Why are you so far behind in literature?
  16. How come American History books don’t tell about ALL american history? I couldn’t find the war where Americans tried to invade Canada and didn’t succeed in any American history book. Okay, I only read like 4- but i’m sure it’s in small print or not in other american history books.
  17. Why don’t any Canadians live in America? Why do people think Canadians are weird?
  18. How come they’re rude at the DMV? They get paid a lot of money.
  19. How come the U.S government run sites look like they were made in the 90s? Don’t you have enough money to have people run your websites? I mean the government is a big deal? Right?
  20. Why do you have entertainers and presidents even in the same job category.
  21. The constitution gets updated every year or so right? I mean everything changes fast, so I can’t imagine we are following laws of someone who wrote the constitution for their time or era. I don’t even wear flare jeans anymore, stuff gets outdated. Specially in politics. Even ten years ago is too long to update a document that important.
  22. Empathy can be learned. It’s clear Americans are good people. I have some of the most wonderful people in my life (they aren’t canadian because candians don’t live in america). It’s clear that americans were not raised right because common sense absolutely lacks. Why don’t more people want to learn how to be nice. It releases happy chemicals when your nice. You ruin your own day by not figuring out how to be happy. You are the only one who can figure out what you need. Have fun being miserable. I’m gonna read a book. So I guess why do we choose to say and be mean? Where did we learn this destructive habit? Why cant people apologize? Give Closure? Say goodbye instead of go away.
  23. Why aren’t more people upset with the fact that every election were basically deciding whose gonna run the next four years of our lives?. I thought freedom was the right to live my life freely? CONFUSED
  24. Why does rehab make everyone more sick? Why are there so many rehabs?
  25. How come nobody knows anything about other people, or listen to one side of an argument? Always listen to both. You listen to one persons version of something and that gives you the right to talk shit?
  26. Why don’t we chat sometimes with strangers at stores or in public? Wouldn’t you rather have a funny conversation with a random stranger then a stare down thats awakward AF. Also pretty rude.
  27. Why in the actual FCK do you not talk to your uber drivers? They might make more money than you. Whats the reason you’re entitled to act like a diva? Get off your phone. He doesnt need to hear the gross details of your horrid life. (if your uber driver is a he)
  28. Why are job positions/job titles not always the same wage at hire? I suck at negotiating but I rock at my job and I literally make $6 dollars less then someone who sucks at the job. I mean I’m Canadian so I learned to quit a job I hate right away but its not fair if someone is less experienced but negotiates money well.
  29. Instead of stealing why don’t people just share things? Like ask me if you want to borrow my hoodie? idgaf. I will probably forget I lent it to you anyway.
  30. Why do people not understand 5g, Artificial intelligence, or science? That’s like our entire life.
  31. Why don’t people know that they aren’t living in a free country at all? How does anyone know anything for sure about other countries without talking to people who have lived in that area? We are not a free country, in fact were a country thats expensive. In fact, I’ve been to jail FOUR effing times because I made a fake ID when I was 19 so I could get into the bar in college with my friends. A well-off white American (yes citizenship was acheived after 9 years) female gets a four year jail sentence. Lucky you can buy things! My dad generously bought me community service, and 4 days in jail and I got out after 3 and a half.
  32. Why are prisoners not separated better by crimes?
  33. Why do we even eff with other countries presidents when our own is a mass murderer?
  34. How come he is allowed to use twitter but cant update the unemployment website?
  35. This list could rattle on. The point is this is just nearly 40 questions of the top of my head. It seriously exhausts me to write this. So start questioning everything. That’s basically my point here.

Simple steps to being a better American:


Step one: never use american google, specially if it has to do with politics, religion, money or the world. should be banned. Use canadian, australian, or the UK’s gmail for facts. . #google hack. Do it incognito too.

Step two: Shut up. Literally. I talk a lot, don’t get me wrong but what I say is just a matter of my curiosity. I share stories not talk at people. I share about things that I like or know about. I never pretend to know something. Like you only know what you learn why pretend you know something that’s actually really stupid. I don’t believe anything is true unless I fact check it. Even with myself. Stop being passive aggressive, or assume you’re being berated and one-upped all the time when someone who does know something about something just wants to share their knowledge. When you learn things you NEVER knew it’s absolutely exciting. Talk and listen 50/50. Everyone has got something to say that IS of impact to you, that you have NO reason to argue. Don’t reply until after the person is done talking and you’ve thought about what they said and have a response not an answer. Not everything is a question, females are creatures of conversation. Men just gotta bear with it. (TIP: reading men are from mars woman are from venus by john gray should be a MANDATORY read).

Step three: Stop reading fake news unless you know you’re doing it for entertainment purposes. Your health is important, which you wouldn’t know. It’s not even healthy to have a TV in your room let alone watch hours of horror stories that aren’t even as bad as what should actually be aired.

Step four: Don’t force someone to agree with you and really stop thinking about yourself when people talk. I dumped a friend because he couldn’t even handle any conversation that didn’t directly relate to his boring and i mean completely bleak personal life. Go write an autobiography bro- I don’t care that much about what you ate for dinner when I was trying to tell you about a funny story with my aunt farting. Americans love themselves, wonderful. I love Americans too, but seriously, if all you can do is talk about yourself then you in particular need to pick up a book. Don’t ever say someone is a narcissist unless they have been diagnosed narcissistic. It’s the deadliest mental illness. Don’t toss words around that really need to be said correctly. If you don’t want to research things, fact check, Or donate your eyes to someone who will take advantage of vision. Life will delete you. Seriously.

Step five: Nothing is more infuriating then someone who says they hate reading. We all hate reading at first. It’s not easy to read you have to learn. Go back to grade school. It was fun if you got to pick the book you wanted to read….. well you’re an adult now. Just pick a book you want to read. From the library or store preferably. I seriously cannot trust unpublished internet shit in this country.

START SLOW- win the race with patience and dignity. Dignity isn’t pride. Dont pride yourself unless you’ve accomplished something, but have dignity for yourself and trust the process of life is meant to happen in your favor. You are here to live. That’s it. I started to learn to read again this year by going back and re-learning what I had forgotten over time. I learned how to read and enjoy it by reading Dr. Seuss books. Yep. Wacky Wednesday, I thank you.

Final Thought Before I Die From Saying America Too Much: You don’t have to like people but you have to respect people. It is never okay to bully, lie, cheat, steal or be greedy. Everyone deserves the right to be respected, forgiven (not forgotten), and heard out.

Honestly; America is one group of hot mess. I am not editing this blog because I know i will be too Canadian and delete all the harsh stuff I’ve said but I think it’s more harsh to not tell you that the head honcho of this country doesn’t like you.

I don’t cook my meals half way, you shouldn’t read articles half way. Thanks for listening this whole time 🙂

another unrelated mystery in life.(universally unrelated)…You might want to start questioning why Latin doesn’t exist, or how come Latium is “dead”. My assumption? I’ll never tell. It’s a secret between me and my equally superior specie. The felis. Ask siri to please translate latin. Siri is the smartest.

It’s revealing. My siri types weird things to me when I say the word Latin or Latium and alexa rambles off in weird code if I tell her to translate latium. what is latium?

Except for those born and or raised with psychopathic, sociopaths, (one is learned the other is inherited) and diagnosed narcissism disease (the deadliest and scariest mental condition any human can have) Humans are great and we do so much great stuff. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you decide to change your life tonight. Read a children’s book. Begin. Take the first steps to making america a better country, or shut up. It’s simple. Stop pretending everything sucks, if you have to do things do them as happily as you can. Fake it till ya make it.

If you are offended by this article then you just wasted a lot of your time. Only those who are willing to open their eyes can understand the severity of this countries poor behaviors will reap good benefits from all that rambling. It’s not Americans that are bad. It’s America.

If you argue with me you really aren’t listening.

Over & Out:


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